Build and staff teams with ease and precision.

Our platform reveals which employees work most effectively together, resulting in stronger teams and higher productivity company-wide. 

Search for talent, or build a team.

Add your project and staffing requirements to a quick and easy-to-follow form. Search across skills, job titles, geographies, and other customized attributes.


Nexus generates the best candidates for projects.

We use A.I. & behavioral science to help you organize the right people for internal projects. Dive deeper by viewing employee profiles, historical experience, & upcoming availability.


Deploy agile teams internally across your entire company.

Once staffing choices are made, Nexus will capture the necessary approvals and route project details to all of the participants.

Collect performance data through feedback.

After projects close, Nexus captures performance feedback. Our feedback questions were developed with leading researchers in team decision making.

View analytics on your personalized dashboard.

Access workforce planning and professional development reports in your dashboard. Use Nexus insights to strategically align talent with both employee & organizational goals.


Get in touch with our team to see how your company can build better teams with Nexus.