A.I. for Human Capital Management.

Nexus is a software platform that helps find the right people across skills, functions, and geographies.


What is Nexus?

Nexus is a human capital management platform allowing enterprises to find and deploy the right teams across internal projects. The Nexus platform includes an AI-powered talent search, automated performance feedback, and a full suite of workforce analytics to enhance engagement company-wide.


Enhancing company-wide performance.

Upon creating a project, our intuitive search tool allows users to choose their team from a recommended list of candidates. As more teams are deployed and projects are completed, the platform’s machine learning creates better and better results – and ultimately, a better resource procurement process.

Workforce Insights

The platform provides insight on areas from team performance and company-wide workforce needs, to individual career development and planning. Employees can analyze how their skills are measuring against company demands.

Create More Engagement

Nexus organizes individuals around projects that align with their goals and competencies. Every user can explore company opportunities, view their personal feedback, and better understand their organization’s most in-demand skills and needs.

Develop Employee Data

Nexus performance feedback is frequent, but far less exhausting than traditional review. Rather than annual evaluations, real-time performance is evaluated on a project-by-project basis. Employee profiles are continually updated accordingly.

A platform developed alongside leading researchers.

What makes a great team? Nexus has partnered with academic leaders in the fields of team decision-making and behavioral science. Our research partnerships help our clients better understand the true drivers of team performance. We look into personality and behavior attributes that are rarely, if ever, normally considered.

Our goal is to take large amounts of teaming data and translate that information into simple and intuitive insights.


Power your talent procurement with Artificial Intelligence.

Nexus uses the latest in artificial intelligence to improve your teams and build stronger employee data.

AI-Powered Search Results

Our machine learning technology uses project and performance data to continually improve search results and create stronger teams. 

Complex Taxonomies Simplified with Natural Language Processing

Nexus utilizes NLP to help identify and organize skills, job titles, and other complex word relationships.

Predictive Workforce Intelligence

Nexus provides clients with customizable reports and visualizations that help you plan for the future.


“Nexus A.I. is helping companies discover untapped talent.”